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What is BusinessTeam?

BusinessTeam is a private social network that turns an ordinary team into a high performing team

Frictionless, natural conversations. The secret to high performance.

BusinessTeam’s post-and-comment style core eliminates the formality and clutter of email. It’s all about context. You’ll spontaneously create topics and teams where communications, notifications, and replies take place.

Keeping everyone on the same page has never been so easy.


BusinessTeam is faster than email, and more fun!

Why is social better then email? It’s more natural.

More than half of intra-company emails have a greeting and a closing, both of which are virtually non-existing in casual communications such as texting.

When that barrier is removed, people share more. And when they share more, they get more done.

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Across Devices and Platforms

Remote and Mobile employees interact with colleagues using smartphones or tablets as easily as with a desktop

By delivering messages within the relevant team or channel context, prioritization is easier than sifting through an email list.

Triage is especially important when you’re working on-the-go on your smartphone. BusinessTeams’ topic counts and trending content are the speedy way to know what’s important.

The 80/20 rule. Whether 20% percent of your staff works mostly mobile or 80% works a little mobile, BusinessTeam works for 100% of everybody’s work.

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One Number for Business

Time to drop your desk phone in the drawer. BusinessTeam gives you one number for business.

BusinessTeam can turn any employee’s smartphone into a callable and textable business phone, without encroaching on their personal communications.

Calls and texts from BusinessTeam show your business number, not your cellphone number.

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Auto Attendant

BusinessTeam is a complete auto-attendant for your business

So easy to set up that anyone on your team can do it.

And, as powerful as any you’ll find.

  • Local-Anywhere™ or Toll Free numbers
  • SMS textable main business number
  • Forward extensions to multiple people
  • Separate in-hours and out-of-hours menus with submenus
  • Direct calls to individuals, teams, or announcements

A PBX is about Phones. BusinessTeam is about People.

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Customer Teams

BusinessTeam lets your teams collaborate on customer calls and texts

Your team can answer calls, respond to text messages, and hear voicemails.

The team shares status so everyone knows how the customer has been handled.

Everyone on the team can comment and help solve issues.

And like everything else with BusinessTeam, it all works on your mobile, tablet, or desktop browser.

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